Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Tax Man Cometh

Today we received our W-2 forms from upper management. Several troopers voiced their concerns over the amount withheld from the federal-empirial government, and I can’t say that I blame them. My form alone shows where over 48% of my overall earnings have been taxed from my net asset and distributed out among various government funded programs. And, although these troopers don’t have families, some of them wish they did and know that under this tax system they would never be able to support one.

I looked into some of the programs being funded by our taxes and shared my findings with representatives from several of the trooper class, with exception of the Tie Troopers who don’t even realize that they are supposed to be paid, so no harm no foul. It was disturbing to find out that the T.T’s were, at one time being compensated, however their utter lack of responsible spending and mismanagement of funds on liquor and spinner rims for the fighters angered the Emperor to the extent of cutting them off. In hindsight, however, this was one of the sparks added to the gasoline leading up to past events. Our tax increases are generating the funds for the empire to manage and build the G.H.E.T.T.O. ‘s as well as generate some form of controllable income known as Service Severance Income, or S.S.I, which is handed out on the first of every month with more funds available through trooper disability claims, if needed. This, of course, is being abused severely by the majority of the Tie Troopers, noting that only about 16% actually consider themselves able to work now due to back problems, job stress, etc…

Notebly so, this has angered many of the true troopes, whom we consider the real backbone of the fleet, and their animosity towards the Tie Troopers has begun to inflate tremendously. There has even been talk among them of unionizing in lieu of the circumstances, which, after I checked, was not found to be treasonous in accordance to galactic law, but merely frowned upon by many employers. We shall see how this is to play out in the future.

Friday, July 22, 2005

a terrible call

It was a bad call all around. The sheer fall-out of the decision made concerning the troops at hand will be felt for weeks to come, unless we conceal the facts and allude to those less fortunate such as the T.T's as scapegoats. I am prepared to deflect any accusations against me from this horrid event and most assuredly make sure that the blame will be passed away from me to the proper channels. Alas, should this mark a new day in their terrible plight for "equality," I have only my council to blame.
For weeks now I have attempted to maintain order in the East Sector, and have relied on the decisions of the council to work a solution. We have become rather divided on our policies towards the situation, as well as in the hunt for the elusive Mohammed Booty. Given the stance of Pelosi and her fellow cronies, an order was issued to re-establish Empire-Law in the sector without her knowledge and restore order at any cost. This cost was met with challenge at the first approach of my Troopers when entering the sector and rounding the cattle from their bar b q and out of the hallways. My men scaled the picnic tables and disposed of the illegal liquors on premises which utterly enraged the T.T’s to a new level of debauchery. The most horrid ape-like screams were levied against my men and a riot ensued at the behest of those in violation of my command. Action was taken, and my troopers resorted to covering fire which left 32 dead and 4 wounded (which were subsequently killed thereafter)
Needless to say, the method worked and peace has returned to the sector for now. An outcry has risen from Boody in an anonymous statement calling for the rise of more treachery from within their ranks, as well as my death. I fear this man and his intentions and know now that should Pelosi discover our plight my career could be over. But, it was Councilman Gerald’s handling of the air-duct situation, which I personally signed my name to, that, I fear, will draw controversy where it’s not needed. I feel this before the council has time to meet and re-establish the original duct-work plan, which could ruin our contract with Tatooine Air Co. and hurt the Empire's reputation; the original plan had allowed A/C to flow more freely into the boiling room for trooper comfort, which should have been left alone. A truly bad decision, and we knew it. The other will eventually work itself out.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Boody Sighting

Mohammed Boody was spotted earlier today in the lower-west side of the East End by several loyalists in that sector. Co operation among these people, not withstanding, has been poor, at best, with regards to his capture, but an investigation is conducted nonetheless with each call. A squad of troops moved in on the suspected location of this bastard, but were cut down by a hall-side bomb hidden in a trash recepticle on approach. Two troopers survived the ambush and immidiately opened fire on the angry mob beginning to form around them, which is now drawing criticism from that community and several members of the council, including Pelosi. A letter claiming responsibility from Mohammed was received at my general office and stated, among other things, that the occupation of illegaly obtained land and the oppression of his people will be avenged at any cost.

I have since discovered that Pelosi and crew are attempting to adopt "sensitivity legislation" in order to gain the trust of those people. If this be true, I and the other members of council shall abolish such a bill and move to destroy that population, as my hand is now forced to do. More and more alleged Boody sightings are called in, however they are accompanied by intelligence stating more surprise attacks are waiting in store for the troops, should they enter the sector. This situation is now becoming personal.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

council meeting

Our meeting this morning lasted close to three hours with full, head-on debate in regards to the future of our Tie-Trooper class. It was proposed that the entire race be eradicated from existance for the time being, while a new, more tolerable breed be cloned. We would, of course be without pilots temporarily, but given our overall superiority of the star system, an attack on our station is unlikely. Many chaired the idea but met fierce resistance from several of the other council members who blamed society as a whole for the T.T's behavior, and demanded a special committee be established to look into their accusations of racism. (WTF? Racism, on who's part?)

The debate heated up tremendously after that prompting members to the point of almost physical violence. 90% of the council agreed on an immediate, crime-control action to prevent more subservient behavior in the East region and/or the disposal of the class entirely should they continue to misbehave. Council Woman Pelosi, established herself as an arduent defender of the T.T. class, and led her minority party of the council(4 members) when she stated, "These people have suffered much at the hands of our government and are acting out on black-trooper rage. We must be sensitive to their needs and look into what it is that is making them angry. We must extend our sympathies and our understanding, while, at the same time, denouncing those 'white' troopers who are set in holding them back. This will show our eagerness to help with their transition into a more modern, less-offensive era." WTF?WTF?WTF?WTF?WTF?!!!!!!!!

We finally concluded the session agreeing to some of Pelosi's terms, simply to shut her the F^#K up for now. A survey will be conducted on her behalf to record the level of sensitivity and racial tolerance among the other Clone Troopers for the next few weeks. This will keep her busy for a while, and, as for her future report on the subject, we could give a flying F*#K.

P.S. ... This government has only been around for approximately 2 years, and the clone troopers only about 10. Where the hell are these charges coming from, and are these people just that bloody stupid? It looks to be so.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Newspaper Article

Empire News Report

...(Two troopers assigned to the East Wing Patrol Bureau were blasted to death while attempting to quell a riot in the G.H.E.T.T.O. The suspected riot was said to have been headed up by a self-appointed leader of the Empirical Tie Trooper class, “Mohammed Ackba Boody,” over what was said to be “trooper discrimination in the work force.” Boody charged the administration and the Galactic Senate with genocide against his previous two ancestors, Trooper 142 and Trooper 361 who are both still alive, and that the treatment of those in serving in black armor is unjust. He claimed they are subject to more work and less pay than the “white troopers,” and is "tired of all the white troopes staring at his people like common criminals."

The disturbance began around 1135 hrs and grew in intensity once, witnesses claimed, Boody promised reparations to all who supported his lunacy. The two brave troopers killed today had been acting on orders to simply disperse the crowd when they were fired upon by an unknown tie trooper who fled and his whereabouts are now unknown. More security immediately arrived on scene and arrested several of the tie troopers for resisting authority and one for lude sexual acts in a nearby corner. Boody, himself, had also fled, and authorities are no searching the area, but are receiving no help, whatsoever from the trooper class occupying the G.H.E.T.T.O.)...

TARKIN: This article was enough to convince me that those living in the G.H.E.T.T.O. are truly barbarians and are now forcing me into a precarious situation. The sheer butchery of fellow troopers over a notion of idiocy is mind-consuming, and, I fear I may never fully understand it at all. I have summoned the council for a meeting on the subject tomorrow. Until then, the P.O.-P.O. have been instructed to continue their search for Boody.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

recovery time

Being couped up in bed all day has been quite relaxing. It is a most welcomed change after the last few days I've had around the station. I lounged around the front living area of my quarters freely and without interruption, just long enough to finish a nice tea, and I was even able to listen to a pleasantly recorded opera over lunch. Alas, some of my duties did require my attention, but it was mere paperwork and reports, nothing too demanding. The Emperor has reluctantly assigned a temp to fill my more steady duties since my proceedure, but only after verifying my doctor's note for his own general purposes. The note only allows me up to three days rest, which I am sure I will not need. However, should I need more, the Emperor has advised that I notify Human Resources and my time will be extended for as long as I need.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

when it rains, it pours

I went to the doctor today, and the news was worse than I had anticipated. After having to undergo the most humiliating treatment imaginable, the doctor verified several bloody masses on my inner colon known as "pollops." They were initially lasered off from my colon, but the doctor stated that routine tests have indicated that my prostate is also enlarged; this is why my erections have beed lacking in strength lately. I was given a steady dose of medicine to counter act the problem, which should begin to sort out these problems in a minimal amount of time. I will be on bed rest for at least a day or two, but have been given a note explaining the situation to my employer for the needed time off. I do not forsee any problem that he might have with this and hope to be back at work soon.

rough morning

I passed a kidney stone this morning, shortly after getting out of bed around 0545hrs. The dread of this moment has been severe, as was the intense pain of the stone passing through my eurethra. I almost passed out and had to call for a guard to aid me in standing through the process, which he did dilligently. To add insult to injury, aside from passing a stone, I found a small trace of blood in my stool, which can mean only one thing. I will set an appointment with my personal doctor this afternoon to schedule an exam, and I will report on it later.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

setting an example

Although things on a professional level are shaping up well, the tensions among the classes of clone troopers have begun to worsen. A group of T.T's are now up in arms like a band of rabid space gorillas over a letter they claimed to have found in the mess hall with a hand-drawn picture dictating their "class" of trooper in a degrading manner. The letter draws my suspicion, however, due to the fact that the picture itself is very poorly drawn and the words above it, "Stoopid Black Trupers," were horribly misspelled, leading me to believe that the letter, in fact, was done up by their own hands.

I am not understanding the attitudes being generated by these spcific troopers, or why they are so angry towards everyone else. Their behavior is inciting a strong dislike, however, among the other sects of troopers who are going out of their own ways to be sensitive to these unknown "needs" being raised by those in the G.H.E.T.T.O. I have since explained to the head trooper over the T.T's, Mark 9132, that his accusations warrant no investigation, and that I considered the incident to be a false claim. He was not happy and continued to claim that, for some reason, it was the color of his uniform influencing my decision and not logic.

Mark 9132 was ordered hanged shortly afterwards for insolence and strung up on a bulkhead in public view by members of my elite squad of P.O.P.O's. The matter is now closed.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sagging on theEast Side

I did not realize just how much of a F&(KING bastard those FU*!ING Tie Piolots really were, until today. How hard is it to say, "Yes, sir," to a simple FU^#ING request to pull up the trousers of your duty-fu*)ing armor instead of letting it sag around your ass making you look rediculous? Apparently, this is getting to be a common fad in the G.H.E.T.T.O. with the T.T.'s and is looked upon as,"COOL" in their poorly-educated community. More and more lately I am seeing the beginnings of a portion of this empire's society separating itself from the norm, trying to establish some form of idiotic identity. This is starting to anger both myself and the real troopers(the white ones)who work hard at their assignments, as well as their education trying to better themselves and the Empire.

I am starting to grow tired of this attitude and have since disciplined the specific piolot, as well as doumented the incident for the Emperor to examine. The P.O.-P.O.'s have been fully instructed to enforce the "no-sagging policy" on any trooper wishing to claim his so called heritage-right, whatever the hell that means. Bloody-Fu#*ing T.T.'s.

Friday, July 01, 2005

summary of my first week

All in all, not too bad. Aside from a few minor incidents, I feel that is was not a total loss and some work was actually done around here. My initial set of requirements have been met and completed, and I can now focus my attention on troop morale and the equipment needed to maintain a good working establishment. Also, I was able to begin a candidate selection process for my first governor appointee with some time acrued from the extra hours I've put in catching up on assignments.

An arrest was made in the murder of trooper 27491, previously mentioned in another text, and the party responsible confessed. I will say, however, that even though there was some passive resistance by a majority of the T.T's, they all minded the chain of command and all is relatively quiet now. I have begun the process, as well, into the recriutment of some of my most highly-trained insurgent troopers to form a special "empirial law-enforcement" squad to keep order around the station... especially in the East Sector. The G.H.E.T.T.O.

These squads of Physical Operatives of Palpatine's Order, or (P.O.-P.O.) will conduct daily patrols enforcing whatever needs they see fit to maintain the order I expect. They will report to myself and to the superiors I choose, which will be determined as the progam grows closer to completion. I expect it to be a success and that problems will soon cease.