Friday, August 12, 2005

Still Stewed

I’ve been back now for almost two days, yet I haven’t thought of anything else other than Mitch Organa and the brutal thrashing I gave him. My wife even had the nerve to call me this morning and express her so called “outrage” of my actions. She said that she loved him more now than ever, regardless of his quadriplegic state and hated me all the more for it. Mitch’s brother, Senator Organa, even called crying about his brother and leveling accusations against me but was soon reminded of his standing within this Empire and his utter lack of importance thereof… I honestly don’t care what is thought of me right now. Mitch Organa had no business messing with a married woman, especially one married to a friggin’ Moff who has no quam about scuttling his ass… Home wrecker.

My nose is still sore, but at least the swelling has finally started to go down a bit. On the brighter, though lower note, the droids appear to be working out fine, and I seem to have gained somewhat of a “scrapper” reputation among some of my troopers. Time to put my career ahead of me now and get back on track with the construction of the battle station, as well as with the dealings of domestic policy concerning the Tie Troopers and the malevolent Boody. As for Organa’s planet, I will deal with it in time.


Blogger owenlars said...

If I were you, I would clone Mitch Organa just so I could beat him into a wheelchair all over again...and again...and again...By th 16th time, you should feel better.

3:04 PM  

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