Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pelosi's charge

Writing has been the last thing on my mind over the past week, and for that I am sorry. Recently, a petition regarding the clone’s has surfaced, which, to my understanding has been authored by none other than Pelosi herself and been in circulation for over a month. It seems that a small minority of clone troopers have been coerced into believing that the word “clone” is somehow degrading to them and by in large a racial epitaph…

The last few days have been spent before a committee discussing, believe it or not, the proper new annunciation of these being’s new title head which must reassure them of “their importance to this empire,” and “the respect they deserve,” according to Pelosi. It appears as though she and her left-winged cohorts feel compelled to champion a cause to gain support of the trooper class by means of generating a podium of hatred towards us and has found her niche. Several troopers were brought before the committee to formerly shed their “slave” titles of “clone” trooper to demand a more suitable title. Unfortunately, we had to entertain these idiots and waste valuable time in doing so just to quell this uncomfortable situation levied against us by Pelosi.

The question was asked of the members of this committee. “What exactly is wrong with the title of clone, considering that is what they are by means of manufacture? Why should this argument even be considered when, in fact, it is only eight troopers out of forty thousand who are upset about it, as well as five committee members, who I personally feel bear fault with these charges?” Of course Pelosi and her crew began their taunts of racial hatred in my part, as well as that of the empire and threatened to incite a riot in the name of equality should the feeling of these workers be taken into consideration. For the peace of the moment, I chose to strike a compromise with the left and give in for now on the name change. Pelosi, being an avid lover of planetary environments stated that she believed nothing was more beautiful but demanded more respect than planetary storms. She so desired to change the name to the aforementioned title, and I at this point no longer cared. Their names have been replaced from “clone” to “storm,” and that is that… for now, anyway.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

boody is captured

It has been a dreadful last few weeks, but finally there is something to celebrate. Mohammed Boody was captured last night after a lengthy search was conducted in the Delta sector of the station. The information had been obtained through several informants over the last week or so, which ultimately paid off. Boody was found cowering in a self-made spider hole armed only with a short-range blaster and about 100,000 empirial credits. The subject offered no resistance and was taken into custody by my officers who took some liberty in having Boody photographed with their squad as a sort of trophy-hunt, which I find acceptable. The SOB should have been shot on sight, but what can you do?

Information on several of Boody’s cell organizations within the tie-fighter community have disturbed me to some extent, and after analyzing the information, it appears to be at its greatest concentration falls within the G.H.E.T.T.O. itself. Pelosi and he band of cronies, all of whom ironically populate the left wing of the committee table, have already started in with their rhetoric. These leftist have already condemned my soldiers for what they consider to be humiliating treatment of this criminal and state that he is to receive humane consideration, for he has been through enough as it is. This fool’s idea of humane treatment towards someone as evil as Boody has come to cross the lines in my opinion, and I have petitioned the Emperor for his assistance in removing Pelosi and her Left-wing band before they can undermine this facility’s security anymore. My position in this organization requires me to do all that is necessary to maintain order and safety within this battle station at all costs. It does not state that I, or the Empire, is to bow down to a small minority who feel mistreated or offended, when, in point of fact, it was their own foolish actions that led to the repercussions of events. Order will be maintained or discipline will be enforced. Pelosi can kiss my a#$.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

the missing jawa

The mutilated corpse of the missing jawa was located today by one of the receptacle monitors overseeing the disposal of trash units. The body had apparently been deceased for some time, given the state of decay it had achieved and the amount of trash continually levied upon it. Sadly enough, reports suggest that it had been somewhat “assaulted,” possibly prior to death, but tests have not specifically concluded so in the matter. It was a very bad idea from the get go to even bring that creature aboard my vessel, but that was what the Sith requested, and, far be it from me to buck the system. Concerning this matter, however, Vader had been extremely reluctant to even admit the thing even existed. To him, apparently, he had allegedly forgotten all about having the creature brought aboard and even denied housing it in his quarters. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that a nude creature was found stuffed in a garbage shoot and left to die by someone harboring an incessant, jealous rage against the poor thing, in my own personal opinion… And we all know where the finger of blame points to in the matter. Coincidentally, the remains were ordered incinerated by an anonymous source, before any further tests were scheduled to have been performed on the creature… Interesting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

a nice break

Nothing much to report on today. Fortunately, it has been a rather lull and uninteresting morning, which is probably just what the doctor ordered. The events over the past few weeks have taken their toll on me thus far, and I fear that more is yet to come. Currently, I am scheduled to appear and oversee a portion of ground production on the north wing. With these new fighters supposedly arriving from assembly in about two weeks the landing field is in need of completion soon. This, however, is to be done while overseeing several of the Tie-Trooper class who are completing the assembly for their soon-to-arrive crafts. The tensions, needless to say, have grown quite tense, and with the mobilization of their worker’s union and “rights legislation” awaiting confirmation from the senate, I fear that structure is soon to break down within the ranks and anarchy is to follow. My wife bears most of the blame for her part in rousing such animosities from the troops, in her attempt to discredit and have me impeached from office. I’m not the one, however who has chosen a life with an invalid. God, I do so hate the planet Alderan.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

It Is Beginning...

I haven’t been in any kind of mood these last few days to pull together thoughts that could be transposed onto paper, until now. You see my wife has won. Several days ago I was hit with a legal suit over her fiancé’s condition, as well as several new “band wagon” organizations that apparently feel my treatment of the Tie Troopers is unwarranted and racially motivated. WTF? One group in particular, National Association for the advancement of Tie Troopers, or NAATT, which began with certain “self proclaimed” preachers in the Tie community, has charged me with racial genocide.

I don’t understand this animosity, for one, and the utter lack of responsibility taken on their parts to accept the problems caused within this organization at their own doing. I mean, what would any reasonable person conclude when examining the evidence laid out against these particular troopers?

!. They are extremely lazy and refuse to work most of the time.
2. They complain incessantly when they actually do work and take more breaks each hour than allowed.
3. They are highly uneducated, but at their own will, because they refuse to stay in school.
4. They expect the government to supply them with housing, funds, supplemental education, etc.
5. They destroy their habitual living quarters and rarely bathe,.. their hygiene is unacceptable.
6. This group is uncivilized; rioting and fighting one another for no reason, just their nature.
7. Utter lack of respect for authority.
8. They are extremely unmotivated to do anything other than drink, and the list goes on…

I am doing my very best to deal with what I have, and believe just as 99% of my employees do, that it is the best I can. I am being told by some of these organizations, as well as Pelosi that, although these groups hate everything that the Empire stands for, by continuing this kind of enforcement action these Tie Troopers will only begin to hate us more. Rest assured that I WILL NOT be persuaded to change my actions, and will continue to fight for the better of this Empire. If that means eradication of a few, than so be it. As for now, the Emperor has declared sensitivity training for everyone starting next week. This touchy-feely emotional nonsense is going too far.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

returning to normal,.. somewhat

This civil dismay has entered its last phase. With only a small group of bandits still causing havoc, most of the intentional flooding seems to have done the job and quelled the situation. The damage, however, was rather substantial for the meager operation we were attempting to accomplish, but, “que sera, sera.” Whatever will be, will be. The Emperor, although pleased with the outcome, has expressed concern over the method used and has stated he would conduct a fly-over in the next day or two to better survey the total damage to the infrastructure. Overall, I believe the blame rests solely upon Vader. Don’t ask me why. I just consider him suspect in nature, and am beginning to question certain aspects about his behavoir towards this administration. Most disturbing however,.. his jawa has yet to be located.