Wednesday, September 21, 2005

boody is captured

It has been a dreadful last few weeks, but finally there is something to celebrate. Mohammed Boody was captured last night after a lengthy search was conducted in the Delta sector of the station. The information had been obtained through several informants over the last week or so, which ultimately paid off. Boody was found cowering in a self-made spider hole armed only with a short-range blaster and about 100,000 empirial credits. The subject offered no resistance and was taken into custody by my officers who took some liberty in having Boody photographed with their squad as a sort of trophy-hunt, which I find acceptable. The SOB should have been shot on sight, but what can you do?

Information on several of Boody’s cell organizations within the tie-fighter community have disturbed me to some extent, and after analyzing the information, it appears to be at its greatest concentration falls within the G.H.E.T.T.O. itself. Pelosi and he band of cronies, all of whom ironically populate the left wing of the committee table, have already started in with their rhetoric. These leftist have already condemned my soldiers for what they consider to be humiliating treatment of this criminal and state that he is to receive humane consideration, for he has been through enough as it is. This fool’s idea of humane treatment towards someone as evil as Boody has come to cross the lines in my opinion, and I have petitioned the Emperor for his assistance in removing Pelosi and her Left-wing band before they can undermine this facility’s security anymore. My position in this organization requires me to do all that is necessary to maintain order and safety within this battle station at all costs. It does not state that I, or the Empire, is to bow down to a small minority who feel mistreated or offended, when, in point of fact, it was their own foolish actions that led to the repercussions of events. Order will be maintained or discipline will be enforced. Pelosi can kiss my a#$.


Blogger John Roberts said...

This is very similar with what happened when American troops found deposed Iraq leader Saddam Hussein. He, like our fictional character, "Booty," were treated with the utmost respect, with the sole exception of the soldier who was caught tickling Saddam's taint and balls.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I guess that I can't blame the troops, but when capturing the terrorist, they really should have avoided shaking their boody.

2:31 PM  

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