Thursday, September 15, 2005

the missing jawa

The mutilated corpse of the missing jawa was located today by one of the receptacle monitors overseeing the disposal of trash units. The body had apparently been deceased for some time, given the state of decay it had achieved and the amount of trash continually levied upon it. Sadly enough, reports suggest that it had been somewhat “assaulted,” possibly prior to death, but tests have not specifically concluded so in the matter. It was a very bad idea from the get go to even bring that creature aboard my vessel, but that was what the Sith requested, and, far be it from me to buck the system. Concerning this matter, however, Vader had been extremely reluctant to even admit the thing even existed. To him, apparently, he had allegedly forgotten all about having the creature brought aboard and even denied housing it in his quarters. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that a nude creature was found stuffed in a garbage shoot and left to die by someone harboring an incessant, jealous rage against the poor thing, in my own personal opinion… And we all know where the finger of blame points to in the matter. Coincidentally, the remains were ordered incinerated by an anonymous source, before any further tests were scheduled to have been performed on the creature… Interesting.


Blogger owenlars said...

Jawa blood runs deep in my family, so deep, indeed, that I've once or twice injected the foul life-substance in my artery in the hopes that it would get me high.

It didn't happen, and in fact, I actually contracted a rather nasty blood-bourne illness called, "Selfishness". One that 99.2% of all Jawas suffer from.

I'm not altogether sure, but my dad may be involved with raping Jawas...


Go to Mustafar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lars- out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:29 PM  
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