Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pelosi's charge

Writing has been the last thing on my mind over the past week, and for that I am sorry. Recently, a petition regarding the clone’s has surfaced, which, to my understanding has been authored by none other than Pelosi herself and been in circulation for over a month. It seems that a small minority of clone troopers have been coerced into believing that the word “clone” is somehow degrading to them and by in large a racial epitaph…

The last few days have been spent before a committee discussing, believe it or not, the proper new annunciation of these being’s new title head which must reassure them of “their importance to this empire,” and “the respect they deserve,” according to Pelosi. It appears as though she and her left-winged cohorts feel compelled to champion a cause to gain support of the trooper class by means of generating a podium of hatred towards us and has found her niche. Several troopers were brought before the committee to formerly shed their “slave” titles of “clone” trooper to demand a more suitable title. Unfortunately, we had to entertain these idiots and waste valuable time in doing so just to quell this uncomfortable situation levied against us by Pelosi.

The question was asked of the members of this committee. “What exactly is wrong with the title of clone, considering that is what they are by means of manufacture? Why should this argument even be considered when, in fact, it is only eight troopers out of forty thousand who are upset about it, as well as five committee members, who I personally feel bear fault with these charges?” Of course Pelosi and her crew began their taunts of racial hatred in my part, as well as that of the empire and threatened to incite a riot in the name of equality should the feeling of these workers be taken into consideration. For the peace of the moment, I chose to strike a compromise with the left and give in for now on the name change. Pelosi, being an avid lover of planetary environments stated that she believed nothing was more beautiful but demanded more respect than planetary storms. She so desired to change the name to the aforementioned title, and I at this point no longer cared. Their names have been replaced from “clone” to “storm,” and that is that… for now, anyway.


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