Tuesday, October 18, 2005

million trooper march

It’s amazing to me, when I think about it, just as to how things can implode on you when you’re not giving attention due where it belongs. Point in fact, with the issuance of this new P.C. term of Storm Trooper for those who apparently believed the title of “Clone” to be both degrading and insulting, a small battle has been won in their eyes, and they have taken it upon themselves and run with it. Word is beginning to spread among the troopers, especially the Tie-class, that reparations can be obtained should a great fuss over inequality and racism towards their particular group be presented. This mode of thinking has led to an outbreak of accusations by these Tie-class employees that the system of empirial government has established, among other things, a slave-trade network… to even more outlandish verbal attacks about the government sabotaging water mains and standing back to watch their “people” drown.

A million Trooper march is now in full swing led by followers of Mohammed Booty Al-Sharif Mosul, who is currently awaiting trial, with the intent of spreading their message of hate towards those in power, the establishment, and other storm troopers. Their goal has been championed by several of those in assembly including, unsurprisingly, Pelosi, who claims to identify with the struggles of the Tie-trooper class. It has now become a pandemic during my absence and I fear I have arrived too late to quell such an uprising of this new order of idiocy and hatred generated by some of the most foolish, simple-minded, unintelligent, flea-picking, ebonic speaking, no job performing, government supported morons.

The march is scheduled for tomorrow. However, on a bright note, the greater majority of storm troopers are aghast at the actions of this newly-organized group of radical Tie-troopers and have claimed their loyalty to the empire, as they were bred to do. I can’t help to believe that this new breed of extremist,.. a Newly Indigenous Group spawned from within the Tie-class, or NIGs as they are commonly now referred to by everyone, are being controlled by an entirely separate entity. I can’t shake the feeling, but these people are just too freaking stupid to organize anything of this nature , and/or write and recite the quality of hate rhetoric presented in a written format before them, without some form of coaching… It is quite interesting, and I am beginning to formulate my own hypotheses about these rising events, and I am quite confident that I will be correct in my assumption.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

cut short

Surgeons were forced to remove my left testicle earlier in the week, due to sudden abnormalities that had surfaced since my last physical. Fortunately enough for me the second was unscathed, and I will still be able to procreate, should a need call upon itself. My feelings on the subject have been both miserable yet, otherwise, not overly concerned from the recent events. I retain quasi-mobility in my efforts to walk as of now, however the doctor stated that, in time, both my ability to walk and the full sensation of other mediums should return to whatever normalcy I possibly held before. I consider that to be reliable news and retain confidence in the fact that I should be completely operational in resuming my duties within the near week or so. Until then, I have been instructed to lament from mischievous activities for a while and maintain a heavy ice compact to adhere the mending process…