Sunday, October 09, 2005

cut short

Surgeons were forced to remove my left testicle earlier in the week, due to sudden abnormalities that had surfaced since my last physical. Fortunately enough for me the second was unscathed, and I will still be able to procreate, should a need call upon itself. My feelings on the subject have been both miserable yet, otherwise, not overly concerned from the recent events. I retain quasi-mobility in my efforts to walk as of now, however the doctor stated that, in time, both my ability to walk and the full sensation of other mediums should return to whatever normalcy I possibly held before. I consider that to be reliable news and retain confidence in the fact that I should be completely operational in resuming my duties within the near week or so. Until then, I have been instructed to lament from mischievous activities for a while and maintain a heavy ice compact to adhere the mending process…


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