Wednesday, November 09, 2005

somewhat on track

Ok. Things are beginning to run smoothly around here, but not from a lack off effort on my part, and with little to no help at all from the newly segregated group of tie-troopers. I have since installed monitoring/surveillance equipment along the newly-constructed wing of the G.H.E.T.T.O. to monitor behaviors and activities, which has, of course, come under fire from the association affirmed with Mohammed Boody claiming as though it is an effort to spy and control their daily activities… Well, IT IS! They were informed that until their behavior changes and they can prove that they can once again fit in with the rest of society… by that I mean the society of storm troopers… then I will continue to have monitoring posts established to maintain order and safety.

Boody went on trial for his crimes, and I chose to publicize the proceedings in order to make an example to others thinking of staging a “reform.” Booty’s lawyers ascertained that the system had failed men of Mohammed’s background and forced him into the position of terrorist to bring the issue of poverty to the forefront. It was, in fact, his social standing of racial-lower class seating, in Mohammed’s view, that drove him to act out on his inner rage and exploit the white troopers and other establishment for what they are doing to his people… WTF? I seem to remember being the one flipping the bill for the procession on newly- bred clones, not him. And, as a matter of fact, if this is what we have to expect from future breeds, I’m canceling the orders.

The PC police led by Pelosi and her group of followers have used Boody’s position as one to champion their own legislation, in attempts to strong arm the empire into giving in to their demands. This action on her part would break down the structure of our system that, on most accounts, operates rather smoothly as intended, with exception to the few “odd balls’ that continue to function solely on sheer stupidity and government support. This leaves more to focus on in the near future, for I believe that should pelosi’s group begin acquiring leverage then the balance of organization and structure will fall. If so, then these recent past events will dull in comparison to the destruction and anarchy to come.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Finally back

Whoa! It seems my shenanigans have stirred up a mess of controversy around here. I can’t put my finger on it, but it appears to have begun around the time of the NIG uprising. Unfortunately, I have been away on holiday for about ten days and have neglected my empirial documentations. As soon as time allows, probably tomorrow, I will resume reporting the going’s on in this establishment, which many have veered an acute interest to know where it will all lead… In do time.

As-alam-u-la-kem, or however it’s supposed to be uttered.