Friday, January 20, 2006

comin' clean

Apparently the spiritual journey embarked upon earlier by both myself and Spencer has come to be the rant of the association, with little to no regard whatsoever for either my command or my feelings. I see now that coming back to work so soon did little to step up progress and, in fact, only served to open up the door for Vader’s breaching of my mind’s inner most thoughts at his leisure. It had not occurred to me until a recent council, consisting of some of my highest officers, that Vader had been quietly probing my mind during the conduction of my meeting. His muffled snickering had done nothing but agitate me due to what I concluded as mere rudeness, but his abrupt collapse in laughter after only a brief pause and then pompously referencing, “Spencer?!,” over and over made me sick to my stomach…

Needless to say, word has spread rapidly about the details of my leisure with Spencer thanks to Vader, himself, and I forsee mandatory sensitivity training in the future of my soldiers. All except for my Tie Troopers, because I honestly feel that they are too freakin' stupid to understand the real world. In fact, most of them are now claiming to have slight learning disabilities so they can attemt to qualify for more government support... As if I had enough problems to deal with.


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